We pick up and deliver!



You've seen our work... From Hollywood to Time Square from the dealership showroom to the race track . On the ground or in the air, ground transportation to aviation and everything in between.

Now our expertise and years of experience is available to you direct.

Black Label Wraps is a group of passionate professionals with over 20 years of media and vehicle wrap experience. Our professionals have been wrapping vehicles since the late 90's, long before the "wrap craze" started and went main stream.

Our team of experts have taught the best in the business and have even been contracted to instruct top manufactures like 3M , Avery and others over the years. As innovators in technique and installation procedures,  manufactures often turn to our team when developing new products to develop advanced products.

Our Process

Because our team of experts is small, our specialists are the ones who do the install and not a hired hand.